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"Alright" by Janet Jackson and CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

We've got a winner!

Guess the Drum Cover?! Episode 8 contained a contest where the winner would win a 24-pack of acoustic foam panels and the first KMKanDrum subscriber to answer correctly was Earl "The Hammer" Bennett! Congratulations, Earl!

To be honest, I didn't think anyone would guess what song I was playing. But once I saw Earl's answer, I thought, yeah, if anyone would have guessed it, it would've been Earl.

And on top of that, Steve Osborne got very close to guessing right as well. He guessed Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson, which was soooo close!

Below is Episode 8, Part 2 of Guess the Drum Cover?! featuring my drum cover of "Alright" by Janet Jackson. Please enjoy and look out for the next Guess the Drum Cover?! when I will be holding another contest for a cool free prize!

Check out other Guess the Drum Cover?! Episodes on my YouTube Playlist!


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