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ANNOUNCEMENT: Contest Winner!!!

Today is the day! The contest is closed and we have a winner!

First up, let's see what was at stake:

Up for grabs was this awesome Humes & Berg Galaxy Series 22" Cymbal Bag. I had bought this brand new after my basement flooded. I didn't even use it because I found a used Zildjian hard case for $30 on Facebook marketplace.

So this thing is basically brand new!

Next, I thought I might as well give it away and try to grow my YouTube channel and my contact list, since I'm taking the next step in this whole drumming thing and trying to grow my audience.

So I did a contest where I asked people to sign up to my website's mailing list and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

The contest was open at the beginning of the month and I only got 13 signups and even less subscribers on YouTube. Not the results I was hoping for but anything is better than nothing.

And I am a man of my word, so even if only one person signed up, I would still give this thing away. I mean, it's just sitting my garage anyway.

So, I went to and entered the names that signed up to the mailing list. I entered the names as they signed up in chronological order and here are the results:

MICHAEL PERRY!!! You are the winner of the contest and this awesome cymbal bag!

Please send me your address so I can ship this baby out to you ASAP!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to the mailing list. I promise not to spam your inbox too much. Just be on the lookout for some awesome posts all about the drums!

And please consider helping my drumming cause by checking out my merchandise and buying something if you like anything. In fact, just for signing up, I am offering a $5 discount. Just enter the promo code: SIGNUPLUV during checkout. This code is good until January 1, 2021! Click here to check it out!!!

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