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Catch my remixes while the studio is down

You may or may not know that my drum studio has been down because, 1. I moved in July, and 2. my basement flooded in August as I was building the new studio. Check out some pics below.

Before the flood:


So, since the new studio probably won't be complete until next year some time, I am remixing some of my old videos. I already released two:


I haven't really taken a liking to "Drum Only" videos but many of my viewers have commented on how you can really hear a lot more of what's going on drum-wise without the music. So I took the drums out of the first video, and took everything except the bass out of the last one.

Depending on the song and groove, I will do either one or the other. If you listen to the "Let's Get Lost" video, you can see that there is a lot more groove and space and therefore without any music a lot of context gets lost and it almost makes the video boring.

On the other hand, the first video, "Clockwork" is high-tempo and energetic. It doesn't necessarily need the music as much.

So I hope you like these new remixes while I work on rebuilding my studio. I will be releasing more as I make them.

Meanwhile, if you would like to help me get back up and running, you could donate (click the PayPal Donate button below) or even better, buy some of my cool merchandise (CLICK HERE)!

Talk soon,


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