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COLLAB REPOST: "All I Need Is A Miracle" featuring Huub 83 Drums

The next few Friday posts will be dedicated to old collaborations I have done for the KMKanDrum channel in the hopes to get some views on these really cool collabs!

This first one was one where Huub83 Drums played drums and I sang karaoke to "All I Need Is A Miracle," by Mike & The Mechanics. We did this back in November 2018. Please enjoy!

FYI: For anyone wondering what happened to Huub 83 Drums, he has deleted his YouTube channel as of September 2021. I spoke with him briefly and he told me that he felt it was just time to move on to different things. I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors! I will miss his covers and his infectious smile. Long live Huub!

Song: All I Need Is A Miracle

Artist: Mike & The Mechanics

Album: Mike + The Mechanics (1985 Atlantic Records)

Original Drummer: Peter van Hooke

Music: Drumless / Vocal-less track via

Take Count: 1


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