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December News

A finished basement and studio are just around the corner!

We start waterproofing next Monday. That'll take 2-3 days.

Then we will start finishing right after that. That should take 2 weeks tops.

By mid-January, I should be throwing new skins on the traps, hooking up mics and tons of wires, lighting, cameras, and more goodies!

As soon as I can get my sound dialed in, I will be doing a drum cover for the first time in what seems like FOREVER!

What should I cover? I know by asking, this opens up Pandora's box. It's probably a rhetorical question anyway. I'll find something I like to groove to even though I'll get plenty of Rush or Metallica requests.

Either way, I can't wait.

Thanks to all the new subscribers on YouTube! I can't even believe I am so close to 1,000!

And finally, congrats to Michael Perry for winning the cymbal bag Giveaway! Check out his video to me here:


Be sure to check out my NEW design at my merch store (click the image below):


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