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FRIDAY REWIND Wk.19 "You Took It Away" by Plastik Glasses

On February 2, 2018, I launched a new series called, "Friday Rewind," where I performed a cover of a song I either recorded and/or played live at some point in my drumming career. Every week for 25 weeks straight, I released a blast from the past. From totally obscure musical acts, to some a few of you might've actually heard.

The playlist predates this current website, so I thought I would repost these here so there's an easy way for viewers to check it out. I tried to release the videos in chronological order but some bands overlapped others, and when I started I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to execute the whole thing, so some of the videos have no particular order to them.

Welcome back to my review of "Friday Rewind," a series where I released a video each week chronicling my playing days as a working drummer. This week features the song, "You Took It Away" by Plastik Glasses.

Plastik Glasses is a culmination of all my songwriting. It spans 30+ songs over a few albums and dates back all the way to 2001! When I left the band, FREaKS, I decided to write my own songs and form my own band. I felt as though FREaKS was headed in a more Rock n' Roll direction, while I was more interested in staying melodic and not tied to one specific genre.

Me with Rive Blue Eyes at The Key Club in Hollywood, CA c. 2002

So, the first incarnation back in 2001 was called, Rive Blue Eyes and featured me on vocals and guitars, Robert Vasquez on guitars and vocals, Ryan Valencia on Bass, and Daniel McCarty on drums. I had written about 10-12 songs and we played a few shows at The Roxy Theatre and The Key Club in Hollywood, CA amongst others.

Eden Proxy on the RockIt Ship in Long Beach, CA c. 2009

Then, after moving back from Houston, I reformed as Eden Proxy with me on guitars and vocals, David Kawano on bass, and Daron Tanabe on drums. I added another 12-15 songs to the repertoire and we played a couple of shows, namely a show on a boat in the Long Beach Harbor, as well as a few shows at the old Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park, CA.

Me as Plastik Glasses at The Wanch in Hong Kong c. 2012

Then, I wrote a handful of new songs but was tired of putting a band together. So, instead, I rebranded again, this time as Plastik Glasses, and just played my songs acoustically at small gigs, and was fortunate enough to travel to Hong Kong and play at The Wanch to a small crowd of friends as well as local rock enthusiasts.

In 2018, I decided to re-record all the songs I had written, while also getting help from all the musicians I have met over the years. I got a handful of them to contribute and the 30-song album, "Out of Body" can be found wherever you get your streaming music (Spotify & Apple Music among others). There's also a FaceBook page where you can find all things Plastik Glasses.

Here is "You Took It Away," from "Out of Body." I hope you enjoy it!

Friday Rewind: Week 19

Song: You Took It Away

Artist: Plastik Glasses

- Kelly Kusumoto: All instruments

Written by Kelly Kusumoto (©2018 Banana Ark LLC. All rights reserved).

Stay tuned for Week 20 coming next Friday!

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