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Getting Started with Drum Triggers: What Acoustic Drummers Need to Know

Welcome to KMKanDrum's "Lessons for the Groove Drummer," and today in Episode 7, I show how acoustic drummers can easily step into the huge and intimidating world of electronic drum triggers.

I will go over:

  • The gear that I use

  • How much it costs

  • How easy it is to set up and use

  • What this simple setup can do

  • and What it sounds like

Check out the video, and below it, I have listed all the equipment with links to Amazon, which also helps support my channel if you do decide to buy some of the equipment using my Amazon links!


- XLR to ¼" Cable $9.99 on Amazon

- ¼" Guitar Cable $8.71 on Amazon

- Yamaha CSAT-924AW Clamp $22.99 on Amazon

And if you prefer the ROLAND Drum Triggers & Clamp:

- ROLAND RT-30HR Dual Trigger $119.99 on Amazon

- ROLAND APC-33 Clamp for TM-2 $64.99 on Amazon

To summarize, I really love this setup. I think it is very affordable as far as drum triggers go. If you really want to expand your acoustic set and integrate electronic/digital sounds, this is the best way to start. Once you go through the settings and find what sounds and sensitivity levels work best with your style of playing, I think these triggers will only enhance your experience. They have definitely enhanced mine and I have barely even scratched the surface of what they can do.

In the grand scheme of things, I think it's worth it. Yes, I could have gotten a brand new set of hi-hats or maybe a couple of new hardware stands or a new snare. But I would still be limited to the acoustic sound. For less than the price of a Ludwig Acrolite snare, I can trigger my bass drum, snare rim, and snare head, and program an endless amount of sounds to them. I think that is a great value and a great lesson to add to your drumming knowledge and repertoire.

I hope you found this lesson helpful, and if you do decide to step into the very warm waters of the drum trigger world, let me know in the comments section! Tell me how your experience is going and if you did anything different. I am very curious to know.


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