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Gift Ideas for Drummers!

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means gift-giving season is also here. And what better time to spread the gift of music than now? Here are some great gift ideas that drummer's will love but won't break the bank!


This is a staple tool in any drummer's toolbox, but it's one that a drummer can never get enough of. So even if they have one, another one won't hurt!

The Sondery Digital Metronome for $29.99 on Amazon is a very inexpensive but effective metronome with tons of options for drummers. The LCD screen is easy to read especially in low-light situations like at the back of the stage where most drummers are. The dial makes it easy to switch tempos and the buttons are not too close together but also not too far apart. You can also tap the tempo which is super convenient.

It's rechargeable and has a USB input. It has different time feel and rhythm patterns integrated into it, and it has a voice count as well as the traditional beat sound.

Click on the image to find out more or to purchase on Amazon directly*

Drum Key

Another staple is the ever-elusive drum key. These things go missing more often than that left sock in the dryer! So, needless to say, a drummer can NEVER have enough drum keys.

The EastRock Drum Key 4-Piece Pack on Amazon is a great gift because it comes with three (3) standard drum keys and one (1) speed key, which is a super useful tool to have when it comes time to changing out drumheads. The ¼" square socket fits all standard drum tension rods, and the chrome-plated steel construction will stand up to any application. And you can't beat the $8.59 price tag!

With this pack, your drummer can keep one at home, at the studio, and in their stick bag, and never be without one of the most important pieces of equipment for the drum kit.

Drumset Rug

One item that many drummers desire but almost never get for themselves is a drumset rug. It's more of a luxury item than a necessity, making it the perfect gift idea because, more likely than not, your drummer will not have splurged on one. Rather, the money one can spend on a drumset rug could go for another cymbal or snare drum or sticks, etc.

I use a rather nice and pretty large Persian rug for my drumset rug, but there is the OnStage Drumset Rug on Amazon that is a good size (7' x 5') and a great price at under $80! It is made of non-slip material which is perfect for that ever-shifting bass drum, and it also comes with a carrying case for those gigging drummers! I think if I didn't have a rug already that I would most likely buy this one. It seems like the best option out of all my research.


I've been a constant user of Moongel Dampen Pads to dampen out overtones on all my drumheads. I've used all the tricks and techniques, from duct tape to pillowcases, but nothing works quite as well or as conveniently as Moongel.

It's sticky, so it adheres to any drumhead. But it also detaches easily without leaving any marks or residue. You can even use them on cymbals. And when it gets dirty, just wash them in warm water and soap and, voila, they're good as new. They come in blue and clear, and they're non-toxic, just in case you eat one because they kinda look tasty! It's a great gift at a great price point of $12.90!

Drummer's Gloves

Another item your drummer probably won't buy but would definitely want to try is a pair of drummer's gloves. I personally have never tried them myself, so I speak from experience when I say I would love to try them, I just don't have the urge to go out and buy them. But if I did, I would go with these:

The PA Meinl Half-Finger Drummer Gloves on Amazon for only $26.75. They provide a natural drummer's feel while protecting the hands from blistering. The leather palms prevent sticks from slipping and improves grip in even the toughest playing conditions. Padded areas on the gloves provide durability over a long period of usage.

They currently have a 4-½ star rating with over 130 ratings on Amazon, which is pretty darn good!

I would imagine these would be great for metal drummers, or punk drummers (although how punk is it to drum with gloves LOL), or also drummers in cover bands who play three to four sets a night, sometimes spanning hours and hours of nonstop playing.

These gloves would make a great gift in that you would be adding luxury to a craftsman who is usually more concerned with necessary tools than items they don't really need, or that they don't know they need!

Practice Pad

Another essential is the practice pad. We talkin' bout practice? Yep. We all need it but not all of us do it enough. But if you get your drummer the Amazon Best Seller and really, the cream of the crop in practice pads in the Evans RealFeel 12" Drum Pad, you cannot go wrong here.

At $39.99, this is a steal! It is the most real feeling pad on the market, as advertised! And practicing is so quiet, I do it with my baby sleeping in the next room. I can practice while watching TV or anywhere for that matter. It truly is the only pad I will use to practice those pesky rudiments. As an added bonus, these pads are Made in the USA! You cannot go wrong with this one!

KMKanDrum Merchandise

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Happy shopping and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!


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