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I am on Patreon (and FansTXT)!

Well, folks, I have been trying to come up with enough ways to make being on Patreon worth it to you—and I think I have some good ideas!

Firstly, I want to let you know that I am on two different subscription-style platforms. Patreon is one of them, and FansTXT is another. Most of you are familiar with Patreon, but if you aren't, it's basically a site where creators like me can charge a small monthly amount in exchange for access to exclusive content. It can be videos, blogs, streaming and live conference-type calls or videos, and more. I will be offering special videos there. Longer videos, videos you can't see on YouTube due to licensing and copyright issues, behind-the-scenes type videos, and other types of videos I won't be uploading to my KMKanDrum YouTube channel.

The same goes for FansTXT. The difference is with FansTXT, not only do you get the same exclusive content that you would get from being my patron on Patreon, but you'll also get text messages straight from me! I promise not to spam your SMS. Usually, it'll be a text to let you know when a new exclusive video is out, or when I will have pre-releases for my YouTube videos.

On Patreon, I have three different tiers with which you can subscribe.

The Single-Stroke Tier ($3.00 USD/mo) offers:

  1. Exclusive access to drum covers not on the KMKanDrum YouTube channel

  2. Knowledge of what drum cover will be released next on the KMKanDrum YouTube channel a week before it's released

  3. Your Patreon screenname listed on one of my drum covers

The Double-Stroke Tier ($5.00 USD/mo) offers:

  1. Everything the Single-Stroke Tier offers

  2. Additional exclusive content such as long-performance covers, behind-the-scenes footage, lessons not on YouTube, and more

The Paradiddle Tier ($9.00 USD/mo) offers:

  1. Everything the Double-Stroke Tier offers

  2. I will also give you a verbal shoutout on one of my videos

  3. Access to drum only videos I will be creating

  4. And if you are a Paradiddle patron for a year, you will receive a FREE KMKanDrum T-Shirt

For all the PATREON details, please go here!


And if you aren't a fan of Patreon, or you like the idea of receiving a text from me every now and then, FansTXT is just the thing for you.

The subscription is fixed at $9.95 USD/mo but comes with everything the Paraddidle Patreon Tier offers (as listed above), as well as the aforementioned texts messages from my iPhone to your smartphone!

I feel like both options are similar with small differences and you can't really go wrong with either. I hope you consider one of these options. I love making videos about drums and music in general, and this is a way for me to be able to do so and not break my bank account. I'm already in trouble with the wife for not getting my haircut in a LONG TIME. If she knew how much more I spend than make working on this channel, I'm not sure she'd be Mrs. KMKanDrum for much longer! JK.

I am also totally open to any suggestions you may have to make it more enticing of an offer to become a patron of mine or a member of my FansTXT page. Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment here or on YouTube in this video below:


I also have merch for sale at - Check it out!


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