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Join Me on TribeTXT

A while ago, I mentioned an SMS Text service I joined called FansTXT. It was a company my friend and Audio Epidemic host, Joey Gabra (aka J-Gabz) helped start and develop. I was part of the Beta test team and before they could do a full launch, there were a lot of business issues that put the project on hold.

Well, now, they have re-branded and are back better than ever as TribeTXT.

And to top it all off, the first ten (10) people to sign up and follow me can do so absolutely free! That means you will get personalized SMS Text messages straight from my iPhone to your smartphone, letting you know anything new regarding my drumming, website, YouTube channel, or social media sites.

And as an added bonus, if you refer anyone and they follow me on TribeTXT, I will send you a special link to my Vimeo channel where you'll find exclusive content not on my YouTube channel! Just make sure they let me know you sent them. Or send me a message after they follow me.

I'm looking forward to this new and fun platform, where I can get a little more personal with lovers of all things KMKanDrum! Thanks for always supporting me!


If you want to support my channel, please consider the following:

  1. Becoming a PATRON on my PATREON Page for access to exclusive content!

  2. Following Me on my TribeTXT Page for access to exclusive content! as well as personalized SMS Text Messages

  3. Purchasing something from my MERCH STORE

  4. Purchasing something from the Amazon links listed throughout my website

  5. Following me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

  6. SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube Channel

  7. and SHARING my content with all your friends


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