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My Top-10 Favorite Drummers; Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of KMKanDrum's Top-10 Lists. I am so excited to list my all-time favorite drummers and tell you exactly why they are where they are in my book and why some others didn't make it to the vaulted Top-10. Take a 25-minute journey with me as we examine some amazing drummers:

I know I forgot a slew of them even in the honorable mentions section.

Here are a few I forgot about:

- John "JR" Robinson

- Brad Hargreaves (Third Eye Blind)

- George Pendergast (Dishwalla)

- Eric Kretz

- Chad Sexton

- Levon Helm

- Ringo Starr

- Keith Moon

- Carter Beauford

- Phil Collins

- Vinnie Paul

- Mitch Mitchell

- Brad Wilk

- Terry Chambers (XTC)

Let me know if you think there are others that should be on that list in the comments section! Thank you for watching!

Tune in for Episode 3: My Top-10 Bassists List, coming April 8th! Thanks for visiting.


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