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OMD WEEK Day 6: "Talking Loud & Clear" Drum Cover & Karaoke

Welcome to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Week or OMD Week for short! OMD is my all-time favorite band from the 80s. I absolutely love all aspects of their songwriting and artistry. They mix acoustic and electric instruments brilliantly. They mix uplifting and melancholic themes perfectly. They embody everything about the decade so well, from fashion to musicality to culture, OMD really captured what it was like to live in the 80s.

While their megahit "If You Leave" is definitely my favorite from them (you can see my cover of that song here), they have so many other great hits as well as amazing B-Sides, and I will try to cover some of my favorites this week.

Day 7 of OMD Week features the song, "Talking Loud & Clear" and much like yesterday's tune, "La Femme Accident," this one is just a wonderful no-nonsense song that's great to listen to in the car, on a picnic, or would even be pleasant to listen to while in an elevator or while on hold on the phone waiting for some AI customer service rep to not answer any of your questions or solve any of your issues.

Melodies between the vocals and the lead instruments are just so pleasant and charming to hear, like a refreshing drink of spring water on a hot day. The drums, although not particularly difficult, are intricate and very fun to play. I hope you enjoy my version of the song! Please tune in tomorrow for the last day of OMD Week!

Song: Talking Loud & Clear

Artist: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Album: Junk Culture (1984 Virgin)

Original Drummer: Malcolm Holmes

Original Singer: Andy McClusky

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