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Quality Control Ep. 8: CHERRY HILL DRUMS Maple/Mahogany Snare Drum Review

Finally, after six months of ownership, I am reviewing the 5.875" x 14" Cherry Hill Drums Curly Mahogany/Maple Snare Drum that I purchased from John Haddad at the 2022 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

John and Cherry Hill Drums were sharing a booth with Jon Colwell of Revolution Drum who I am both a fan of on social media. When I came upon their booth and saw this snare, I was just elated. It was like seeing your dream car at the Auto Show or your favorite athlete warming up.

I just had to sit down on that set and play it. And, well, you know how the story ends!

But before I take you to the review, I just want to say that I still remember the interactions I had with Jon from Revolution Drum as well as the texts and emails I got from John from Cherry Hill Drums just to make sure the transaction went smooth and that I was happy with my purchase.

It's no wonder their products are of the utmost quality because they themselves are quality individuals and businessmen. I wish nothing but success to both of them. And on top of that, just after NAMM Show, Jon found out that his cancer returned and is now at Stage 4. I was shocked to hear it. He seemed completely normal and healthy when I was talking with him. Cancer is a piece of shit that needs to disappear like yesterday.

If you can, please consider donating to the Jon Colwell gofundme campaign. His story is on their landing page. It is sad and undeserving, but I hope and pray he perseveres through it all.

I hope you enjoy my review. Please let me know what you think or if I missed anything in the comments section:


5.875" x 14" Artisan Reserve Snare Drum

Curly Mahogany & Maple shell

Cast Bronze Hoops

10 Handmade Solid Brass Lugs, Strainer, Butt w/ Mother-of-pearl inlays

2k Matte Finish

Canopus Snare Wires

REMO Ambassador drum heads

Sticker Price: $1,599.95

TACKLE Instrument Supply Snare Drum Bag included

Revolution Drum


1. High-Pitch Tuning w/ No Dampening; Compression and EQ only:

2. Medium-Tuning w/ No Dampening; Compression and EQ only:


3. Low-Tuning w/ No Dampening; Compression and EQ only:

4. Low-Tuning w/ Dampening Ring; Compression and EQ only:


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