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So many drumsticks, so little time

Lesson 2 is hot off the YouTube presses and to be honest, it really should have been Lesson 1. In Lesson 1, I talk about gripping the sticks. I must've gotten too carried away because before you even think about the myriad of different grips out there, you should maybe find a good pair of sticks to try those grips out on.

So that is exactly what Lesson 2 is all about, trying to find the right stick. Well, it's not an exact science. In fact, it's more of a process than anything. And it might sound daunting and intimidating but really it's sort of a passive process. You might be asking, "what the heck are you talking about, KMK?" What I mean is, over the course of your playing you will be acquiring sticks. Whether they break or wear down or just don't feel right to you, you will constantly be going to the local music store or ordering them online and I suggest that you go through as many different sizes and styles as possible.

Well, don't just read it here. Watch for yourself:

This is actually a pretty fun process. You never know what a stick is going to feel like or how it will perform until it's in your hands. You may be surprised or you may be totally unimpressed. Either way, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience that no one can give you just by telling you.

So go out there and explore. In fact, I have listed all the sticks in this video and Amazon links to each stick below. The best part is if you buy a pair or multiple pairs using these links, it helps my channel out tremendously. So, please consider trying these out and paying it forward so that I can continue to bring awesome content to you on all things drum-related!


Ahead 5B Light Rock Drumsticks:

Vater Power 5B Acorn:

Vater 5B Hickory:

ProMark Select Balance REBOUND 5B:

ProMark Select Balance FORWARD 5B:

ProMark TXR5AW The Natural:

Vater Extended Play Power 5B:

Vic Firth Corpsmaster Marching Mallets:

Vater WireTap Retractable Metal Brushes:

Vater Whip Brushsticks:

KMKanDrum Merch:


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