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Stick Bag Giveaway Winners!

The Giveaway has ended and we have two winners! Up for grabs were two stick bags that I tested and reviewed in the below videos:

All in all, I tested three bags and compared them to my old bag of twenty-plus years. After all was said and done, I rated them and graded them with the below results:

The bag I think works best for me is the Tama PowerPad Designer Collection Stick Bag. This is the one I will be keeping and using for the foreseeable future. I graded this bag a solid B and the best overall bag of the four in the comparison. This means I will be giving away the other two bags I reviewed, the Ahead Armor Drumstick Bag, and the ProMark Transport Deluxe Stick Bag. I graded the Ahead bag a B- and rated it as a tie along with the branded DW bag that I used for the past 20 years. Coming in last was the ProMark bag. I rated that one an F because I simply cannot use it. If it were useable, I think it still would rank below the Tama but very close to the other two.

In any case, we have two winners that I will be shipping the bags to.

Winner #1 is Steve Osborne who will be receiving the Ahead Armor Stick Bag!

Winner #2 is Danny Hale who will be receiving the ProMark Transport Deluxe Stick Bag!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the Giveaway. This was a fun one because I was able to find the right stick bag for me and not let the others go to waste.

Be on the lookout for the next Giveaway coming soon. Also coming soon, a ton of drum and karaoke covers, and a new episode of Quality Control (A Product Review Series) featuring the Drum-Os Bass Drum Hole Cutter, and a new episode of Lessons for the Groove Drummer where I talk about Drum Maintenance and the hotly contested debate of Whether or not to Clean Your Cymbals!


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