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"Super Telepathy" by Papa Vegas - Drum Cover & Karaoke

I decided to do another Papa Vegas song from their awesome and totally underrated album, Hello Vertigo. This one is called, "Super Telepathy" and I really love the drums on this one. It is so fun to play. I also love singing this entire album. I feel like the timbre of my voice matches the original singer, Joel Ferguson well. Obviously, his voice is much better than mine, but I try. In fact, there are times when I think he sounds almost exactly like Roland Orzabal from Tears For Fears.

On a side note, I was able to find a live performance of this song on YouTube, and I'm not sure if being a fan of this album for decades but never being able to see them live has anything to do with this, but when I watched the live performance, I was very disappointed.

The drummer does not play the beat the same as the original. Instead, he plays a sort of lazy version of what's on the record. And his playing is kind of sloppy. At the beginning, he even misses a snare hit.

But the disappointment does not end there! Joel Ferguson's voice is not nearly as good on record as it is live. I know that is a very common thing but he kind of sounds deaf and his stage antics are sort of weird and creepy. The entire band is low energy and after watching it, I am almost tempted to think maybe that's why they never really caught on.

Of course, this could just have been an off day or something, but seeing as though they never got the attention I thought they deserved, maybe it's because their live show just doesn't deliver.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my cover! Thank you for watching! Please subscribe for more videos :)

Song: Super Telepathy

Artist: Papa Vegas

Album: Hello Vertigo (1999 RCA)

Original Drummer: Scott Stefanski

Original Singer: Joel Ferguson

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