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Top-10 List: DIVAS

Welcome to a brand new series here at KMKanDrum! Everyone is doing them, so I may as well chime in and let you know my Top-10 Favorite Lists on all things music (and maybe even some other non-musical topics as well).

First up on Episode 1 is a list of my favorite all-time female singers, aka Divas!

I didn't do all that much research on the subject. In fact, I don't plan on doing much research on any of these lists. I'm not making a list fit for general public consumption or reference. These lists are strictly based on my opinion and knowledge (or lack thereof) of the topic or group I'm listing.

So, if you feel like I missed anyone or anything, please feel free to comment. It means I haven't had much exposure to that person or thing, whether intentional or not. But let me know in the comment section anyway. I love to hear and be exposed to new things. Whether I like them or not is another thing lol!

I hope you enjoy my list:

Again, if I missed anyone, let me know. If you agree or disagree, tell me your thoughts. Also, be sure to give this video a THUMBS-UP if you like it, and even if you dislike it, click that THUMBS-DOWN. Make sure to subscribe for more videos and always check back every TUESDAY for a new Drum Cover release!

Tune in for Episode 2: My Top-10 Drummers List, coming March 4th! Thanks for visiting.


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