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"Tripping Billies" by Dave Matthews Band - KMKanDrum Cover

So let me tell you about my first-ever #DMB drum cover, LOL!

Ever since hearing "Crash Into Me" on the radio in 1996, I loved this band. Now, I'm no DMB band whore...I really only know this album and a few songs from other albums I couldn't name. But I really love this album and I really love Carter Beauford's playing. I think he's the perfect mix of feel and technical skill. His open-handed playing really shines through and makes an old-school guy like me struggle with playing along.

When I decided to cover "Tripping Billies" I did so with the intent of doing a song that was commercial sounding but not actually that commercial. I remember playing along (or trying to at least) to this album back in high school and though difficult, I was able to hold some water.

Well...I don't know if it's age or what, but let me just say that this song took a long time for me to do. First, I had to practice it. This was the first time EVER that I slowed down the tempo of a song to learn and play along. I started at 80% tempo, then went to 90%, then up to the original tempo. Altogether, I probably went through the song about 100 times.

When I felt comfortable enough to start tracking, it literally took three separate sessions for me to finally get a take I was ok with keeping. Mind you, in all three sessions, I started by playing the song once before hitting the record button. And you probably guessed it, those three playthroughs were the three best times I performed the track. Now, I probably should have called it quits today, and then recorded the first playthrough on a fourth session, but I just want to be done with this song honestly LOL. So I got a decent enough take after about 95 total takes from all the sessions. To say I am burnt out from this song is an understatement haha!

It's not perfect. I know I can do better because I have (I just didn't record it!), but I think this is a pretty good enough representation. It's not note for note, but it's close. I added a little KMKanDrum flavor here and there. I really hope you enjoy it!

Song: Tripping Billies

Artist: Dave Matthews Band

Album: Crash (1996 RCA Records)

Original Drummer: Carter Beauford

Music: Drumless Track via Moises

Take Count: 95

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