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Visit the KMKanDrum merchandise store on Teespring

Amongst all the things I'm trying to accomplish with the KMKanDrum brand lies a fun little thing called merchandise. I started a store on Teespring so that anyone looking for branded KMKanDrum merchandise can find it there and order with ease. I also have some custom designs as well, since I know not everyone is into wearing branded material.

Tesspring is a great middle man in that they can deliver a decent-quality product to the consumer while also being able to produce on-demand, eliminating the need for retailers to buy product in bulk and have to sell all that product to turn a profit.

And to top it all off, they have some really cool stuff. Of course, they have T-shirts, but they also have tank tops, hoodies, women's shirts, baby and kids clothes, phone cases, mugs, masks, tote bags, stickers, posters, and more.

So check it out HERE and support my channel by buying some KMKanDrum merch today!


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