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Welcome to the home of PLASTIK GLASSES where you can find all things related to KMKanDrum's original musical act.

First established as Rive Blue Eyes back in 2001, KMKanDrum (Kelly Kusumoto) began writing songs after leaving local Los Angeles band, FREaKS. Along with Robert Vasquez (guitars/harmonies), Ryan Valencia (bass/harmonies), and Daniel McCarty (drums), Kelly (vocals/guitar) fronted a band that played a handful of shows around southern California.

After a short stint in Houston, TX, KMKanDrum moved back to Los Angeles and re-established his solo musical venture, this time renaming the band, Eden Proxy. Kelly wrote and recorded two albums, "Wanted for Treason" and "Un-Truss-Worthy." He reformed the band with David Kawano (bass) and Daron Tanabe (drums). They played a couple shows in SoCal and disbanded for more successful musical acts.

Then, in 2008, Kelly formed Plastik Glasses and recorded "Music Sucks" with him performing all instruments and vocals, programming drums (since he didn't have access to a recording studio), engineering, mixing, and mastering the tracks, and releasing it on Spotify and Apple Music. In 2013, Kelly moved to the east coast and was able to play an acoustic show in Hong Kong at the popular venue, The Wanch.

In 2016, Kelly moved to Philadelphia and formed KMKanDrum. He built a drum studio of his own and set out to record all the songs he had ever written, adding real, acoustic drums to them. He recorded, "Out of Body" and rather than record all 48 songs, he settled on 30 and had guest musicians he previously worked with, collaborate on some of the songs.

Now, along with being a YouTube drummer, a drum instructor, and talking about all things drums online, he continues to manage Plastik Glasses so that it is available to everyone.

Click below to listen to "OUT OF BODY" by Plastik Glasses!

OOB_PG_Official Cover Art_800px.jpg

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kelly Kusumoto

at 2345 Studios, Philadelphia, PA • April - November 2018

Kelly Kusumoto: All vocals, drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming

Additional musicians:

Joey (J-Gabz) Gabra: guitars on track(s): 20

Rafael Correia: drums on track(s): 4 & 9

Jeff Holden: drums on track(s): 26-28, 30

Earl "The Hammer" Bennett: drums on track(s): 21 & 24

Walton "Churr doi drumma" Brown: drums on track(s): 25

David Kawano: bass on track(s): 16 & 18

Daron Tanabe: bass on track(s): 7 & 28

Rik Collins: bass on track(s): 30

Alexis Vega-Koch: guitar on track(s): 20

Michelangelo Trujillo: guitar on track(s): 29

Casey Lynch: guitar on track(s) 29

Artwork by: Polly Lin (Courtesy of Resident Aliens

Layout & Design by: Banana Ark LLC

All songs written by: Kelly Kusumoto except:

Tracks 6, 13, & 21 written by Kelly Kusumoto & Robert Vasquez

Tracks 16 & 18 written by Kelly Kusumoto & David Kawano

All rights reserved. ©2019 BMI

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