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ALERT: KMKanDrum is Switching Cymbal Brands!

I know I just put out a video proclaiming to be a Zildjian guy, and I still stand by much of what I said in this video:

But one of my good buddies, and fellow YouTube drummer, Earl Bennett, suggested that maybe I don’t play as hard as I used to when I was gigging all the time in Punk and Hard Rock bands. And you know what? He’s absolutely correct.

Now, it’s been a couple months since I made this video and since then, I have really put a lot of thought into it. My conclusion? I really do think now’s the time to make the switch back to Paiste. I love what they have done since I was using the Signature Series line way back in the late 90’s - early 2000’s. My guy, Marc at Sweetwater also said that they have made strides in the durability department as well. So, since I am in a financial position to do so, I thought I would get myself a Christmas gift and replace all my Zildjians with the following:

PAISTE Signature Series:

  • 22” Dark Energy Mk II Ride

  • 18” Full Crash

  • 18” Dark Energy Mk I Crash

  • 14” Dark Energy Mk I Hi-Hats

  • 18” Precision China

  • 8” Dark Energy Mk I Splash


  • 10” Swiss Splash

PAISTE 2002 Series:

  • 6” Accent Splash

The best part about making this switch is that since I am not endorsed by either of these companies, I can mix and match and use whatever I want whenever I want. I now will have two sets of really good cymbals with which to choose, and hopefully, this set of Paiste‘s will last a lot longer than the ones I cracked often in my younger, angrier days lol.

So, here is a BOLO for you all. The new year will bring drum covers with a new set of Paiste cymbals! I will most likely do a Quality Control: Product Review video on them as well!

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