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1000 Subscribers for the KMKanDrum YouTube channel

The day has finally arrived. A day at times I never thought I would see. I feel honored and blessed for the KMKanDrum YouTube channel to join the hard-working and exclusive 1,000 Subscribers club!

It took a lot of time, work, dedication, and patience to get here but I know that it's just one step in the process of being an entertainer and educator. I need to do even more now to bring the best content I possibly can.

All who have subscribed bless me with your time, which is something none of us have any extra of to spare. So I cannot thank you enough. I hope I keep bringing the same great information that brought you here and if I start to slack, you better let me know in the comments section!

I'd like to give a special thanks to those core YT drummers, especially the ones who have been there from the beginning. I also want to thank Audio Epidemic and J-Gabz for helping me out, among others who have shown me the ropes.

Up next, a finished, waterproofed basement and brand new KMKanDrum studio! Stay tuned, and once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!



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