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"No Destination" by Papa Vegas - Drum Cover & Karaoke by KMKanDrum

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In the late 90s/early 2000s, when I was in my band FREaKS, we were good pals with the guys in Eve 6, who were signed to RCA. Their A&R guy was Brian Malouf who also found Papa Vegas*. Although I never got to see Papa Vegas live, I remember them playing a few shows with Eve 6, along with another Malouf-founded band from Sweden, called Kent**.

I loved all three bands and still listen to them regularly today. The way we (anecdotally, I admit) found music back in the day is 1. a lot different than today, and 2. is almost non-existent now. In any case, Papa Vegas is grossly underrated and I think it an injustice that they never got the notoriety I believe they deserved.

In particular, "No Destination" is a fantastic song, and not just because of the awesome and super fun to play drumming. The vocal melodies and harmonies are almost angelic. The bass is growling, and the guitars are so huge. The whole album's theme soundwise is auric and spacey but also powerful and driving. I don't understand why they are so obscure!!! ARGH it frustrates me so much LOL!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this cover and please see the links below for more:

*More Papa Vegas on KMKanDrum: Resolve Drum Cover & Karaoke

**Kent on KMKanDrum: Celcius Drum Cover

Song: No Destination

Artist: Papa Vegas

Album: Hello Vertigo (1999 RCA Records)

Original Drummer: Scott Stefanski

Original Singer: Joel Ferguson

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