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CONTEST!!! Guess the Drum Cover?! is back and ready to crown a winner!

Guess The Drum Cover?! is back and with a vengeance, and this time with an added bonus!!! Whoever can guess the drum cover correctly wins a special home studio prize!!!


  1. Watch this entire video and try to guess what song I'm playing along to

  2. Leave your answer on YouTube in the video comments section: Song Title AND Artist

  3. Answer as many times as you'd like

  4. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this channel if you haven't already

  5. The first comment with the correct song title and artist from a channel subscriber will win!

  6. The prize is a 24-pack of acoustic foam for your home or professional studio

  7. If the winner is located in the Continental USA (within the 48 states), shipping is FREE

  8. If the winner is located outside of the Continental USA, the winner will either need to pay for shipping and any customs fees or forfeit the prize

  9. If you answer correctly but are not subscribed to the channel, you WILL NOT WIN the prize

  10. The answer will be revealed Tuesday, March 23, 2021

  11. The contest is open from 8:00 AM (EST) Tuesday, March 9, 2021, to 7:59 AM (EST) Tuesday, March 23, 2021

  12. There will only be ONE winner and one BONUS winner*(see below)

***As an ADDED BONUS, anyone who can guess how many takes it took for me to get to this final take will WIN a 12-pack of the same acoustic foam!!! The same rules apply as above.***

As stated in the video text, the original song has programmed drums. This is my interpretation of the song, rather than a note for note cover.

Good luck and even though this one is challenging, I hope there is a winner! Check it out:

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