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I'm asking for your SUPPORT!

And in return, you'll get exclusive text updates from me, KMKanDrum!

What's the catch? Well, I just created an account on FansTXT. It's a new site (still in beta testing stages) that allows influencers, like me LOL, to text their fans pretty much anything they want. From channel updates to rants and observations, to something as simple and wonderful as an, "I love you," text. It's a pretty cool way for me to KIT with my awesome YouTube subscribers.

So, if you want KMKanDrum updates ASAP and directly on your phone, with a personal touch, straight from my mouth...or fingers, I suppose, then sign up here and subscribe to my account. I'll be sure to provide any FansTXT subs with exclusive content and texts telling you just how much I appreciate your continued support!

And if you are like me and have a YouTube channel with fans you want to connect with on a more personal level, sign up! Again, it's relatively new, so jump on the bandwagon before it's too late!

In fact, I will be giving away a FREE GIFT to the first five (5) people to subscribe to my FansTXT account! It's my way of showing appreciation and saying THANK YOU for following, watching, and loving KMKanDrum!

Thanks again, and TXT you soon!


If you want to support my channel, please consider the following:

  1. Subscribing to my FansTXT page for exclusive texts

  2. Purchasing something from my MERCH STORE

  3. Purchasing something from the Amazon links listed throughout my website

  4. Following me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

  5. SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube Channel

  6. and SHARING my content with all your friends



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