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Five Beats That Defined My Drumming

Not sure what to call this one? Is it a lesson? Not quite sure, but whatever it is, I thought I would share the Five Beats That Defined My Drumming with all of you in hopes of 1. sharing some interesting info, 2. finding others with similar experiences, and 3. others with different experiences.

I start with the most obvious and simple beat, the Standard Rock Beat (1:55), then chronologically in my playing life came the Standard Jazz aka Walk the Dog Beat (5:15), which helped me when learning the Rock "Purdie" Shuffle (9:19). Then, from left field came the Punk Blast Beat (12:35), which helped me with the Bass Drum Bounce (16:23). And lastly, in college, I learned the 2/3 and 3/2 Clave (19:28).

These five beats either drastically changed or expanded my ability to play a variety of styles on the drum kit. They came at different periods of my playing and really helped me to become a more well-rounded drummer. And to me, that is what is most fun about playing drums. Not necessarily being a master of one style, but very very good at a lot of different styles. I'd rather eat something different every day, than the same perfect dish every day, if that makes sense.

What do you guys think? What beats most define your playing? Let me know in the comments!!!

Please enjoy the video:

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