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Friday Rewind Playlist Week 5: "Don't Take It Away" by FREaKS

On February 2, 2018, I launched a new series called, "Friday Rewind," where I performed a cover of a song I either recorded and/or played live at some point in my drumming career. Every week for 25 weeks straight, I released a blast from the past. From totally obscure musical acts, to some a few of you might've actually heard.

The playlist predates this current website, so I thought I would repost these here so there's an easy way for viewers to check it out. I tried to release the videos in chronological order but some bands overlapped others, and when I started I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to execute the whole thing, so some of the videos have no particular order to them.

Here is the video from week five:

This song is called, Don't Take It Away, and is off of the Self-Titled EP that FREaKS put out in late 1998. At the time, I was very into Akira Jimbo and the chorus of this song mirrors a beat he played in one of his videos (I've been trying to find the video for the longest time and have yet to find it). In any case, that beat worked very well in this song with a few minor alterations. I hope you enjoy it!

Friday Rewind: Week 5

Song: Don't Take It Away

Artist: FREaKS

- George Cunnington: Vocals

- Joey "J-Gabz" Gabra: Guitars/Vocals

- Kelly Kusumoto: Drums

- Mike Bedrossian: Guitars

- Zareh "Z" Aghajanian: Bass

Written by FREaKS (©1998 All rights reserved).

Recorded at Chorizo Johnson Studios, Los Angeles, CA 1998.

Stay tuned for Week 6 coming next Friday!

Check out Week 4 here.


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