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Giveaway Items are Set for Monday's Deadline

The deadline to enter into the Stick Bag Giveaway is this coming Monday, April 19 and if you didn't catch my latest episode of Quality Control (A Product Review Series), my search for the perfect stick bag ended and I was able to find myself a stick bag I am happy to use for the next twenty years. If you didn't see it, here it is:

I am keeping the Tama PowerPad Designer Collection Stick Bag to use on my set at home a.k.a. KMKanDrum Studios. That means I am giving away the other bag in this video, the Ahead Armor Stick Bag, as well as the bag from my previous Quality Control (A Product Review Series) episode, the ProMark Transport Deluxe Stick Bag.

If you haven't seen that review, check that out below.

If you want to qualify to win either of these bags, there are a couple things you need to do before the deadline ends this Monday:

To win one of these bags, you must do ALL of the following:

  1. Sign up to my mailing list on my website

  2. If you are on Facebook and/or Instagram, follow me there

  3. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel if you haven't already

  4. Leave a comment on the video above (write anything)

  5. Giveaway is open from NOW (March 31st, 2021) to 11:59PM, Monday, April 12th, 2021

  6. I will compile all the data and enter names into a randomizer to pick the winner(s)

  7. Be sure to check out Quality Control (A Product Review Series) Episode 4, where I review these two stick bags and decide whether I want to keep or give them away...coming soon!


Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck on my journey. Hopefully, it doesn't get too expensive!

For the original post explaining everything about this Giveaway, check that out HERE.



I have a bunch of covers coming soon. Over the next couple of months, all of them will be covers where I use some form of drumless version and I will also be doing karaoke. And, I will be doing a set of three songs from the album, "Secret Samadhi" by one of my favorite bands, Live. These songs will feature one of my old guitarists from FREaKS, Mike Bedrossian.

I will also be doing another episode of Lessons for the Groove Drummer, where I dive into Drum Maintenance and Whether or not to Clean Your Cymbals! So stay tuned for all of that coming in the very near future.

I will be going on vacation. Los Angeles and Maui, Hawaii are calling my family and my names! But I should have enough content to last while I'm gone and remember that I am committing to releasing at least one video every week (Tuesday)!

Please enjoy and good luck to all who enter the giveaway!


Be sure to visit my Official Merchandise Store for some KMKanDrum goodies!


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