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"Late Night Talking" by Harry Styles - KMKanDrum Cover

A wise man recently told me, "Do what YouTube wants." (aka J-Gabz from Audio Epidemic)

I am listening. Hence, the Harry Styles drum cover.

He gave me a list of songs I should cover because they are trending on YouTube:

  1. Master of Puppets / Metallica

  2. Running Up That Hill / Kate Bush

  3. ABCDEFU / By some annoying girl

  4. Anything by Harry Styles

He said 1 & 2 have seen a huge resurgence because of the Netflix show, Stranger Things, which I cannot stand. I do like old Metallica and haven't ruled out doing this song yet. I also like the Kate Bush song. So in the near future, I may be covering both of them. I just have to get over the fact that their recent popularity is stemming from a coming-of-age, sci-fi, period piece that totally rips off the movie Super 8.

I couldn't watch song 3 for more than 30 seconds before my hand clicked the "X" button all on its own. What a horrible song. Like take all the worst girl-rock, complainers, and whiners, like Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, and throw them into the garbage disposal and this is what you get. NEXT!

So, I settled on this song...well actually, this was the first and only Harry Styles song I listened to. It has a decent groove, it's straightforward and pretty easy, and it didn't annoy me.

I also applied an experiment to this cover: My theory is that today's music is so watered down and formulaic that I could probably listen to this song 2-3 times, rehearse it 1-2 times and be able to record a decent enough first take as a keeper. Experiment PROVEN.

So, here we go YouTube. Here is my one-take #drumcover of #LateNightTalking by #HarryStyles and I hope you guys enjoy it:

Song: Late Night Talking

Artist: Harry Styles

Album: Harry's House (2022 Columbia Records)

Original Drummer: Programmed drums by Kid Harpoon

Music: Drumless Track via Moises

Take Count: 1

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