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NEW Exclusive Cover on Patreon: Gabby's Dollhouse "Roll With It"

I've done a couple of children's songs for my daughter recently.

"Love is an Open Door" from Disney's Frozen Soundtrack:

And most recently, "Lead the Way" from Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon Soundtrack:

I thought that I might incur some uploading issues with YouTube regarding Disney songs, but they both uploaded just fine, no copyright issues or blocks.

So, I decided to make a thing of these children's songs. My daughter is totally into music and her reaction to the first few videos I've made for her was great. She watches them 2-3 times in a row before wanting to move on, and she dances and twirls and gets into the zone.

Next up on the list was a song from the Netflix show, Gabby's Dollhouse. The song is called "Roll With It," and it is a really fun song. It has some really cool beats that I modified from the original programmed drum parts. There is a Samba-like beat in the pre-chorus section and in the last pre-chorus I add an open hi-hat pattern to spice it up a bit. There's also a really cool upbeat funk tom rhythm that's super fun to play. And on top of that, I was able to do some cool stuff with the Roland TM-2 and my snare and bass drum triggers, like I did for "Lead the Way."

But when I uploaded it to YouTube, I got a notification that the video would be blocked! I did all this work, learning and recording the song's audio and video, editing the video in with footage from Gabby's Dollhouse, and rendering it all in 4K, so it took a heck of a long time.

Well, I wasn't going to let all that work go to waste. In fact, this has happened to me before and my workaround was to create a Pro Vimeo page where I could upload my blocked YouTube videos and host them there to anyone who is willing to become a Patron on my Patreon page. Signing up is super easy if you don't already have a Patreon account. And I only have one level of membership which costs only $5/mo or $60 for the year.

There are already four videos up, two of which you can watch right now, without having to become a Patron. Then, there's the Gabby's Dollhouse song, "Roll With It" and my FULL ALBUM cover of James Taylor's "Never Die Young," both available once you become a patron.

So, please consider it. It will help me to bring much more exclusive content like the above, and I will be posting to Patreon more often once I actually get some patrons.


Song: Roll With It

Artist: Sainty Nelsen

Album: Gabby's Dollhouse Soundtrack (2020 Dreamworks Records)

Original Drummer: n/a Drums Programmed

Music: Drumless Track via XTRAX Stems

Take Count: 8



- DW Design Piano Black Drumset

9x10, 10x12, 14x16, 18x22

- DW Blue Pearl Oyster 5x12 Side Snare

- Paiste Cymbals

- DW Hardware & drumheads

- Audix drum microphones (i5, D2, D4, D6)

- GoPro Hero 5 Black

- Apple iMac 27" Retina 2019

- Logic Pro X

- Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021

- Adobe After Effects CC 2021

- Adobe Photoshop CC 2021


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