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"Nice to Meet You" by The Reign of Kindo - Drum Cover & Karaoke

Please, please, please, if you haven't listened to "Rhythm, Chord, and Melody" by The Reign of Kindo, do so now! This song, "Nice to Meet You" is the 5th song off the record of thirteen amazing songs. Every single one.

I wish I could play the drums to them all. If I could I would cover the whole album. But Steven Padin is way above my pay grade! This is one of his easiest tracks, but even this one is difficult, as it is all feel and a very awkward hybrid of swing and shuffle that he pulls off flawlessly.

Joey Secchiaroli (songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist) is a master vocalist and guitarist. The few people who have actually heard Kindo compare his voice to Brandon Boyd of Incubus, but IMHO I think he is better. I absolutely love singing along to their songs. I used to do it every day while driving to and from work in LA (lots of traffic LOL).

I hope you enjoy my performances. I also took a shot of courage and added a drum and karaoke-only version at the end for your listening and viewing pleasure!

Song: Nice to Meet You

Artist: The Reign of Kindo

Album: Rhythm, Chord, and Melody (2008 One Eleven)

Original Drummer: Steven Padin

Original Singer: Joey Secchiaroli

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