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Welcome to Savage Garden Week! I'm covering songs from my favorite pop band, and Aussie greats, Savage Garden. For the whole week, I'll be posting a new Savage Garden cover each day. 

Day 6 features the song, "Hold Me" and it is a pet peeve of mine to have to record two drum parts in a song. If at all possible, I try to avoid overdubs at all costs. I won't even use a take unless I can play the song all the way through (that's why so many of my drum covers have errors in them).

But in some cases, like this song, you just have to do it. The beginning intro--which also serves as sort of a bridge--has a programmed drum part using brushes, while the rest of the song is using sticks (virtually). Now, if I were the recording drummer on this album, I would have figured out a way for me to pause the drums long enough for me to switch from brushes to sticks without having to stop recording.

Because when composing drum parts for original songs, you have to believe that at some point, these songs are going to be played live as well. And if I were the drummer, I'd hate to be put in that predicament.

But since there was no actual drummer, I think Daniel Jones and the producers felt it was the right thing to do, sonically.

I digress! I hope you enjoy my overdubs! LOL. Please come back tomorrow for Day 7!

Song: Hold Me

Artist: Savage Garden

Album: Affirmation (1999 Columbia)

Original Drummer: Programmed by Daniel Jones

Original Singer: Darren Hayes

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