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Why Learning to Read Music is So Important for Drummers

Lessons for the Groove Drummer brought to you by KMKanDrum presents Lesson 3: Why Learning to Read Music is So Important for Drummers! It is full of information on not only why it's important for drummers to read music, but also how it can help you to become a better bandmate and get more gigs.

There's so much in this video and all of the supplemental content can be found right here in this post. So if you are looking to download some stuff or be redirected to some other cool site that will help you get your reading on, look no further!

First off, let's take a look at Lesson 3:

In order to go over the 5 Reasons Why Learning to Read is So Important, download the PDF below of the presentation KMKanDrum used on the video to follow along.

KMKanDrum Lesson 3 Presentation - Why Le
Download • 71KB

You may have noticed KMKanDrum's merchandise plug for the new "Reading is Importnat" design. If you're interested in purchasing a T-Shirt, hoodie, tank top, face mask, phone case, baby onesie, or coffee mug, click on the image below!

Download the DRUM CHART KEY below:

This Key is a little ridiculous. Don't let it intimidate or discourage you. You'll really only need to memorize ½ of these notes.

Below is the FREE drum chart PDF (courtesy of Guitar Pro 7 and Audio Epidemic) of "Who Are You?" by The Who (written by Pete Townshend, drums written by Keith Moon)

Download PDF • 84KB

Need to see all the parts to the music note. Look below.




Click on the book image for a link to Amazon


Click on the image to visit the website

Vic Firth's 40 Essential Rudiments



Click on the image to visit the YouTube page

Whelan Drums

MASA The Machine

Thomas Pridgen on Drumeo


Click on the logo to be redirected to their downloads page

Guitar Pro 7


Remember, even a little reading is better than nothing, and definitely beneficial for every drummer. The more you advance in your music reading, the more advanced as a musician you will become. Be sure to do as KMKanDrum says and NOT as he does!

And remember also that in every lesson, not just this one, there is not only one right way to do things. There are plenty of different ways to go about doing many of the same things in music. Keep an open mind, and always strive to improve the music and you will always be in a good place!

Be sure to enter in the contest between 11-06-2020 and 11-25-2020 to be eligible to win!

And stay tuned for Lesson 4 featuring a really cool warmup exercise!

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